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All Wins

Space, the final frontier. There is nothing to see except for stars, planets, moons and … fruits. Yes, you heard right: fruits. Because we have catapulted juicy fruits into space in search for exorbitant winning opportunities. And these fruits are now inhabiting the slot machine All Wins as winnings in this slot might grow as gigantic as the galaxy. These extraterrestrial chances are made possible by the red 7 symbol which can bring you 3 different Jackpots (Mini, Midi or Maxi Jackpot). Uplifting news, indeed. Or to quote Mr. Spock from Star Trek: “fascinating!”

The goal in All Wins is to line up 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols along a win line. The Jackpot is triggered if at least 3 red 7 symbols land on a win line.

All Wins Feature
3, 4 and 5 matching symbols pay winnings in any position of a win line which means nothing less than winning symbols don’t have to land side by side.

Triple Jackpot Feature
All good things come in threes which also rings true for this game because it comes with 3 different Jackpots: Mini, Midi or Maxi Jackpot. The triggering factor is the red 7. If it appears 3 times you earn the Mini Jackpot, 4 red 7 symbols win the Midi Jackpot and 5 red 7 symbols grant you the Maxi Jackpot.

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