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Autodromo Bingo™

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Autodromo Bingo™

Feel the need for speed! The graphics and sounds of Autodromo Bingo will give
you the feeling that you are playing bingo on a race track.

The aim with Autodromo Bingo™ is to complete as many Bingo patterns as possible on the tickets played. The Bingo patterns run on predefined lines.
In the base game 30 out of 60 balls will be drawn. The numbers on the balls will be marked off on the active bingo cards. Winningpatterns will be paid and any “12GO” will be clearly marked yellow.
After the base game you might be offered to buy extra balls.

When you have a total possible win of 40 times bet/card, you will be able to purchase extra balls. The cost for each extra ball is clearly displayed and the player can decide to buy up to 11 extra
balls or to collect his winnings. Every now and then extra balls will be offered for free!

Joker ball
Each ball drawn in Extraball-Mode might be a Joker ball. With the Joker ball you decide which number you draw.

If you land Bingo with a maximum of 30 balls, the jackpot is yours!

Bonus feature
Two winning patterns will award the bonus feature. The bonus feature will take you to the race track. You have to select one of the four race cars. The cars will race for four laps. Depending on your finishing position you will be awarded with prize money.

Can you find out what the best car is?

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