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Fluffy Bingo™

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Fluffy Bingo™

Our cheeky bunny has plenty of surprises in store for you!

Come and play with the furry little guy in this fun-packed game. With a little luck, he’ll bring you loads o luck and help you land exciting winnings! Fluffy Bingo is a classic Bingo game with a Latin-American twist that is played with a total of 60 balls and equipped with some extraordinary features.

Here you can find everything you need to know to make the most of Fluffy Bingo:

Your aim
You can play Fluffy Bingo with up to four cards, and the basic game is played with 30 balls. If a drawn number appears on your card(s), it will be highlighted automatically. And if it completes a winning pattern, you’ll have reason to celebrate.

Extra Balls
After every regular game, you have the opportunity to get additional balls. Up to 11 such balls are available, and you can choose how many you wish to take. Joker Balls might also appear, giving you the chance to choose what number they have.

The Fluffy Bonus Feature
If you manage to achieve two winning patterns in the basic game, this bonus feature will be triggered. The aim is to collect as many Fluffy symbols as possible. Each one you collect increases your winnings. Moreover, one of three jackpots could be yours with a little luck.

Jackpot Chance in Fluffy Bingo
If you achieve a Bingo with all 30 balls in the basic game, the big jackpot will be yours!

What’s Fluffy Bingo? Gaming fun with a special something extra!
If you love Bingo and want to try something new and simple, then Fluffy Bingo is the game for you. This colourful and fun game breathes new life into dusty, old Bingo classics, and it comes complete with a few surprises!

Try it out for yourself and have a blast with Fluffy Bingo!

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