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21 Skillz™

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21 Skillz™

CAT B2 – Skill card game


The objective of 21 Skillz is to make as much 21 points on the three hands as possible. After starting the game the dealer will draw a card. The player decides by touching one of the three hands at which hand the card will be placed. At the same time a new card will be drawn. For every placed card points will be added to the “points” meter.
A hand can never exceed the 21 points. In case a box reaches the 21 points the cards from the hand will be removed and the hand can be used again.

At the same time “xp” will added to the “experience bar”. When the experience bar is full the player will be awarded with an extra live and the experience bar will start at zero again.
If the dealer card can’t be placed because its value is too high for each of the three hands but the player has at least one extra live available he still can select a hand which will be emptied for the cost of an extra live. No points will be added to the “points” meter in this case.

In case of no extra live the game ends and the player will, depending on the amount of points collected, awarded with a win according to the pay table. When his amount of points is sufficient he also will be allowed to enter his name and will earn a place in the high score list.

The maximum win is 2500 NOK.
The game has bets of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 NOK which can be selected by the player.

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