Our VLT games are custom designed for the specific market by tailoring the games to the applicable rules and player preferences.
We specialize in AWP-style games that fit well in limited stake / limited payout markets.
These limits are a starting point when designing the math model of a game for a specific market.
This is why our games stand out from the rest and give the players a unique experience.


Since 2011 we have been supplying custom designed VLT games to Norwegian Norsk Tipping, since 2012 in cooperation with Genera Networks.
Our first game for the Norwegian VLT market, Lucky Cards, took the number 1 position on the Multix VLT system soon after its launch in 2011 and six years later it still outperforms all the other games.
Also on the Belago VLT system we have held the number one position for many years with our game Super Dice.
Our understanding of the Norwegian market and custom designing our games for it has proven a winning strategy.

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