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5 Line Multiplay™

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5 Line Multiplay™


5-line, 3-reel video slot

Every spin is a winner – if you can activate the Mystery Feature! With 5 Line Multiplay™ the Stars, along with the fruit symbols, the 7 and the cheeky Joker are your good luck charms: Collect enough of them and the feature starts with a guaranteed win. To top it off the Joker will give you a random bonus – if you don’t dare to play here, it’s your own fault!

Mystery feature
During the Mystery feature the two ‘GO’ and ‘STOP’ displays right of the reels blink alternately. If ‘GO’ lights up, you get another spin. However, if ‘STOP’ is lit, the feature ends – unless the ‘GO’ display to the left of the reels flashes, then it continues. If you land a combination of three STARS during the features, it is also extended.

Bonus feature
The bonus display shows a new win for each spin. If you land three WILD symbols on a win line, you get the amount displayed.

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