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Bingo 10™

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Bingo 10™

Whoever says Bingo is boring has never played Bingo 10™!
Bingo 10™ is a fresh and crisp American style bingo game. If you can shout ‘Bingo’ after only one regular draw the Jackpot is yours!

75 ball American style bingo game

Open 1 up to 4 cards to play with. The more cards the better your chances. 44 out of 75 balls will be drawn. Any matching numbers on the active cards will be marked off and winning patterns will be paid. One more ball is needed for a ‘3 Lines’ pattern or higher? Don’t worry, extra balls will be offered to help you increasing your winnings!

Extra Balls
When you have the possibility to complete a ‘3 Lines’ pattern or higher with one more number, you will be able to purchase extra balls. The cost for each extra balls is clearly displayed and you can decide how far you want to go: 1 extra balls, 2, or go for all 10 of them! At all times you can collect your winnings which will end the extra balls game. Every now and then extra balls will be offered for free!

Joker Ball
On buying an extra ball the Joker might appear! Now you are allowed to select your own best number.

If you achieve Bingo within the first 44 balls, the Jackpot is yours!

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