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Hot Shot

AWP style dual view, 1/5-line, 2×3 Reels

In Hot Shot you can either play on the lower or upper reel set. Once you have arrived at the top game there is a good chance scoring.

The Wild symbol (Wild Star) is only available in the top game and substitutes for any other symbol except for the Hot-Shot-Symbols. The Crown symbol pays a Mystery Win in the basic game.

Basic game
Your game starts in basic mode. The lower reel set consists of 3 reels crossed by a win line. When you win in basic mode you can :

  • double your winnings in the Gamble game
  • add them to your coin credit
  • or transfer them to the Supermeter

If you opt for the Supermeter your win is transferred there. If you have reached a certain amount of coins in the Supermeter you can switch to Supermeter mode.

During the basic game the Hold-Feature is activated (not during the top game). After every spin you can hold up to 2 reels. All you have to do is click on the red buttons below the respective reel. If you decide to lock one or several reels they are fixed until your next spin. A spin where the Hold-Feature is applied costs 1x your stake. The computer supports you and holds the most promising reels for good symbol combos. You can release the automatically fixed reels at any time.

Top game
In the top game you play on 5 win lines that stretch across 3 reels. Depending on your coin credit in the Supermeter you can choose between 3 different stakes: 5 coins (yellow), 10 coins (orange) and 20 coins (red). The number symbolizes the stakes per game. A stake of 5 coins is the standard setting. The paytables of respective modes are displayed in the top right corner of the screen. You earn a reward for landing 3 identical Hot-Shot-Symbols the amount of which depends on the symbol color and your stakes:

  • For 3 yellow Hot-Shot-Symbols you win a shot at the yellow paytable.
  • For 3 orange Hot-Shot-Symbols you win a shot at the yellow and orange paytable.
  • For 3 red Hot-Shot-Symbols you earn a shot at each paytable.

When you have won a shot (Hot Shot) the winning symbols in the yellow table start to flash randomly. Now you have to click the “Stop” button and the shot is fired. Should you win several shots, first the symbols of the yellow paytable start flashing followed by the orange and red paytable. Your winnings are automatically transferred to your Supermeter. While you are playing in top game mode you can transfer your current meter score to your credit at any time.

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