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Joker Poker Wheel of Fortune™

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Joker Poker Wheel of Fortune™

Joker Poker Wheel of Fortune is a poker game based on the five-card draw poker. Played with a 53-card deck (with 1 Joker card which acts as wild card). It follows conventional poker rules and how hands are dealt and formed. Each hand is played with a separate deck and each deck is changed to a new deck after each game.
The highlighted paytable column corresponds to the current bet.

Click the [DEL UT] button to deal the first hand. Cards that are part of a winning hand are automatically held.
To select or clear cards to hold, you can click the cards on the (touch) screen.
The text HOLD will appear over the cards that you have selected. The cards selected will be held for every hand.
Once you have chosen the cards you would like to hold, click the [TREKK] button to deal the second hand.

When the player achieves a Full House, a bonus game is triggered. Player has an opportunity to spin a Wheel of Fortune.

By spinning the Wheel of Fortune in the Bonus Game the player has a chance to win awards being indicated on the wheel (being dedicated to the stake being played)
In case of a win Joker Poker WoF offers players a gambling option (double or nothing). A maximum of 75 times your current stake can be bet while gambling.

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