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Kafé Keno™

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Kafé Keno™

Kafé Keno™ is a 70/20 variant of KENO (70 numbers, 20 draws).

The game is presented as a dual view version where the player can switch between two themes with the “change theme” button – one using a classic Keno look and feel and the other one using a café look and feel. Game rules are identical for both views.

The player must pick 7 numbers. In case the player has 4, 5 or 6 hits from the initial draw of 20 numbers and the chosen bet was 2, 6, or 10 NOK, the player qualifies for the “+9 extra numbers feature”.

+9 extra numbers Feature
The “+9 extra numbers feature” uses the same paytable but draws 9 additional numbers. The extra numbers are indicated on the right hand side next to the Keno card. Each extra number is marked on the Keno card.

When all numbers have been drawn the number of hits is counted. If the number of hits is bigger than three, a win according the win table is paid to the player.

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