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Mega Slam Casino™

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Mega Slam Casino™

Crikey, this slot gets straight to the heart of the matter! Mega Slam Casino is a slot that can almost do without extra features but still delivers exciting gameplay right from the start. This also due to the awesome game design, just like you would expect from any Eurocoin Interactive slot. And what’s more: this slot delivers the Vegas vibes. It’s just like sitting down in front of a real slot in a Las Vegas casino.

Mega Slam Casino is a classic fruit slot with 5 reels and 20 win lines. Your goal in this slot is to land 3 up till 5 matching symbols side by side along a win line (from left to right). The Mega Slam symbol acts as Scatter symbol and might, with a little luck, generate huge winnings!

Wanna go all in with the Gamble feature?
In Mega Slam Casino online you can double your winnings if you’re ready to take a risk with this slot machine! Here’s how it works: a Hearts and a Spades symbol light up in the bottom right corner of the game screen after a win. Pick a symbol. If you picked the right symbol your round win will be doubled! If you want to play it safe and don’t wish to stake your winnings in the Gamble feature you can click the button “Collect”.

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