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Royal Crown VIP

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Royal Crown VIP

ROYAL CROWN VIP has 3 reels with a 3 symbol reel window and 1 win line.

Normal Games
Normal games are played on one win line and wins are paid according to the pay table on the bottom screen

Scattered 2-of-a-kinds and 3-of-a-kinds of the “crown” symbol will pay a mystery bonus win (a number of bonus games).
Free holds are offered to have a second chance on a win for certain combinations according to a “hold plan”.
All 2-of-a-kind winning combinations pay bonus games.

Bonus Games
Bonus games are played on the same three reels as the normal games but wins are paid according to a different pay table, which is shown on the top screen.

Many 3-of-a-kind combinations now pay “scattered” (on 27 win lines).
Moreover, several combinations on the central win line pay additional bonus games. Bonus games are limited to a maximum of 99.

The maximum win is 1500 NOK.
The game has bets of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 NOK which can be selected by the player.

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